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Aromatic salt made from natural sea salt from Ishigaki Island

Made from Ishigaki Salt® and natural oils

Mineral bath salts (bath cosmetics)

● Relax in the bathtub,

Enjoy the scent of Ishigaki Island.

●The minerals in sea salt make your skin smooth.

Sun (scent of the sun)

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  • 【how to use】

    Add one sachet to the bath water (approximately 200 liters), stir well and then bathe.

    [Precautions for use]

    ●Please do not use for any purpose other than bathing.

    ●Avoid storing in direct sunlight or in humid places.

    ●Please keep out of reach of small children.

    ●Since this contains natural essential oils, the scent will change if left unopened after opening.

    If any abnormalities appear on the skin, discontinue use.

    Please consult your doctor.

    ●You can use the remaining water for laundry, but the sea salt will reduce the amount of foaming.

    ●If using with a circulating bath heater, please check the instruction manual.

    Sales name: Aromatic Salt

    All ingredients: Sea salt, fragrance (natural essential oils)

    Contents: 30g

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