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Ishigaki Island, part of the Yaeyama Islands, located at the southernmost tip of Japan

"Moon Island" has had many rituals related to the moon since ancient times.

With the waxing and waning of the moon

As part of a ritual or prayer

Salt production has been carried out

Salt: A message from the sea, reflecting the seasons and the months

Lunar Rhythm

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, seasonal changes

You can feel the change in taste

Natural salt making

Salt has been made traditionally since ancient times.

Sandwiched between Iriomote Island and Ishigaki Island

It consists of coral reefs and islands.

The best salt workshop in Japan's southernmost national park

The god of salt who appears on full moon and new moon days

"Full moon salt" and "new moon salt"

The salt produced from seawater on the days of the full moon and new moon, which are spring tides,

This results in very vibrant crystals.

It's like proof that this place holds a special energy.

Only during new moon and full moon spring tides

The bridge that leads to the "God of Salt"

Floating on the white sand beach

This special salt of the earth

Connecting people with the spirit of nature


In the Yaeyama Islands

It is a symbol of nature worship and traditional culture.

The moon island sea salt is a Message from mother ocean.

A Message from Mother Ocean

Tsukishima salt that resonates with your mind and body


・How to use moon salt

New moon and full moon

・Attention to detail

・Mind, body and salt

・Forest, sea and human relationships

The moon and the sea are in love

Moon Series (Full Moon).jpg

Moon Island

Full Moon Salt (Full)

Gratitude Surrender Forgiveness Acceptance Letting go

【 Features 】

- Fine particles

·strong taste

・Slightly low salt content

[Recommended usage]

① For purification

・Purification of body and mind

・Purifying the space, using salt mounds

②For cooking

Salt rice ball

・Stir-fried vegetables (crispy finish)

3. For beauty

Full Moon Bath

Detox in the bathtub

Add a pinch to water

Full Moon Essence Water

Add a pinch to the oil

Makes skin beautiful and improves moisturizing power

Moon Series (New Moon).jpg

Moon Island

New Moon Salt (Prayer)

Sowing the seeds, the beginning, drawing a vision

【 Features 】

- Large crystallization

・Mellow taste

・Slightly low salt content

[Recommended usage]

1. The beginning, the timing to start

The intention is clear


Meditation, yoga, introspection

Time to get inspired

②For cooking

The crystals are large and the texture is enjoyable.

For salads, meat and fish

Sprinkle it on vanilla ice cream too!

3. For beauty

・Warm your body to the core

New Moon Bus

Add a pinch to water

New Moon Essence Water

Add a pinch to the oil

Makes skin beautiful and improves moisturizing power

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