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Made with natural ingredients

Prevents bad breath, whitens teeth, and purifies the mouth!

No additives

●Parapen-free ●Sodium laurate sulfate-free ●Saccharin-free ●Propylene glycol-free ●Titanium oxide-free ●Fluorine-free

please note

*Please be careful as this may damage metal products.

*Please keep out of reach of children.

*If any abnormalities such as a rash appear, discontinue use and consult a doctor.



Product name: Coral Drops (toothpaste) 150g

Manufacturers and distributors

Ishigaki Salt Co., Ltd.

1145-57 Shinkawa, Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture, 907-0024

Selling agency


Made in Japan

Coral Drops Toothpaste

SKU: 4525775001800
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